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Jonathan Yuen and Ang Tze Phern

Mediation in Singapore 2021

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Authored Publication: Our firm contributes the Singapore chapter to Lexology’s Getting the Deal Through series on Mediation 2021. Mediation is popular as an effective dispute resolution option, providing parties with confidentiality, lower legal costs, a shorter timeframe to resolution, and a greater chance of preserving the relationship between the parties as compared to adversarial options like litigation and arbitration.

Exclusively authored by our leading dispute resolution and mediation partners Jonathan Yuen and Ang Tze Phern, the Singapore chapter discusses the salient features of mediation as a key method of dispute resolution in Singapore. It covers topics such as the accreditation and appointment of mediators, mediation procedures, enforceability of settlement agreements, and stays in favour of mediation. The authors also highlight key trends and legal developments in mediation in Singapore, noting that mediation has grown in importance as a cost-effective means to resolve commercial disputes especially during the ongoing pandemic.

The full Singapore chapter can be read here.

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