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Ng Kim Beng and Ben Dominic R. Yap

Launch! Publication of New Topics in Country Chapters

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In Asia, there is an increasing willingness among parties in business transactions to resolve their contractual disputes by arbitration, and the popularity of key arbitration institutions in the region has been soaring. As arbitration rises in popularity in the region, understanding the framework of arbitration across the different Southeast Asian jurisdictions grows ever more relevant.

In 2021, Rajah & Tann Asia launched Arbitration Asia, our one-stop resource covering the latest legal and regulatory developments, case alerts, market updates, and events or happenings relating to international arbitration in ten jurisdictions across our geographical footprint. One of its value-added components is our Country Chapters, which set out key aspects of the arbitration framework of Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

We are pleased to announce the launch of new topics in our Country Chapters. Adding on to the existing content that discusses the fundamental concepts on arbitration law in each jurisdiction (e.g. confidentiality, conflicts of law, arbitration agreements) and the key arbitral institutions in the region, our Country Chapters now cover the following:

  1. Court proceedings in breach of the arbitration agreement – what are the procedural steps that can be taken in response, and what reliefs are available?
  2. Jurisdiction and powers of the arbitral tribunal – what disputes are non-arbitrable, and to what extent can a tribunal grant interim relief?
  3. Appointment of arbitrators – what are the default rules for appointing arbitrators? What are the grounds and procedure for challenging an arbitrator’s appointment?
  4. Party representation – are there any restrictions on a party’s representation in arbitral proceedings? Do any rules of conduct apply to foreign representatives?

The answers to these and many other questions are available here.

Our Country Chapters will continue to have new topics added periodically, while our Articles are a dynamic resource for readers to keep track of the latest legal developments, case alerts, and more. For the latest arbitration news across Asia, please subscribe to Arbitration Asia here.

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