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Harish Kumar

Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Singapore

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Authored Publication – While international business offers new opportunities, they are often accompanied by challenges of their own. In the event of disputes, parties may need to enforce court judgments in a foreign jurisdiction, an often daunting prospect.

The online manualEnforcement of Foreign Judgments” seeks to provide information and guidance to practitioners in this regard, alleviating the time and costs of consulting foreign lawyers or government agencies on country-specific policies and procedures for enforcement. Covering 102 jurisdictions from Algeria to Zambia, the manual addresses the following topics for each jurisdiction:

  • categories of enforceable judgments, including arbitral awards;
  • documentary requirements;
  • methods of execution;
  • translation of documents;
  • pending proceedings; and
  • service requirements.

The Singapore chapter was authored by Rajah & Tann Singapore partner Harish Kumar (Partner, Commercial Litigation) and Low Weng Hong (Associate, Commercial Litigation). To read the chapter in full, please click here. For more information on our Commercial Litigation Practice, please click here.

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