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Vikram Nair and Avinash Pradhan

CFAs Add to Singapore’s Legal Hub Status

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Authored Publication: Our firm recently contributed an article titled “CFAs add to Singapore’s legal hub status” to the India Business Law Journal, a leading legal magazine in the region.

A conditional fee arrangement (“CFA“) is a lawyer-client arrangement in which a lawyer receives payment of all or part of their legal fees only in specified circumstances, such as where the claim is successful. In January 2022, Singapore passed legislation that allows its lawyers to enter into CFAs in arbitration proceedings, as well as in certain proceedings before the Singapore International Commercial Court (SICC).

Authored by Vikram Nair (Deputy Head, Dispute Resolution) and Avinash Pradhan (Deputy Head, International Arbitration), this article covers the legislative framework for CFAs and comments on this development in the context of Singapore’s efforts to promote the country as a hub for international dispute resolution.

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